(…and what I learned while sailing to Alaska from Seattle, WA, that may help you, too)

A few weeks ago Ken and Mary went on their first cruise, to Alaska. Ken will be sharing his thoughts and writing about his experiences in upcoming weeks. You can also follow Ken and Mary’s adventures when you subscribe to Cruise Crazy Travel on Roku.

I’ll jump right to the conclusion: Yes, I thoroughly enjoyed this initial experience and am looking forward to my next cruise. Let me share a little, so you’ll understand why.

I really am a “newbie”, and the least travelled member of my family. I do like visiting places, exploring what they offer, and making unexpected discoveries, but I some how perpetually postponed trips until “next year”. Happily, “next year” finally arrived, and I’m thrilled to take you along as I relive this memorable adventure and the preceding preparations.

It’s June 2018. My girlfriend and I hear about a weeklong Alaskan cruise, set to sail from Seattle in June 2019. That seems such a distant time in the future. Neither of us has any experience traveling via ship, and a cruise vacation isn’t something we were actively considering. The window of opportunity is small. We decide to take the plunge; we book it.

Join us (vicariously) as I share our preparations, embarkation, cruise•related activities, and disembarkation. I’ll be posting a varied spectrum, including topics concerning things such as passport acquisition, travel connections, onboard features and amenities, dining, excursions, and the trip back home. Whether you are seasoned cruisers or newbies, I hope you’ll take this journey with us. 🛳 Bon voyage!

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Ken Koehler
Ken Koehler

A retired middle school science teacher with a passion for adventure, Ken is a Chicago native who spends his time between Chicago and Nashville these days. When not cycling, this former tri-athelete, Ken enjoys travel and officially became 'cruise crazy' during his first cruise, which was to Alaska in June, 2019.

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