We’ll go on just one cruise…

Sound familiar? Yep, I was naive enough to believe when we decided to go on our first cruise in February, 2012 that that would be a one time experience

We were on our second cruise just 10 months later.

And so it began.

Our addiction has grown over the years as has our desire to help other cruisers, old and new. If you are just getting ready for your first cruise, you are in the right spot,

If you are a long time cruiser, we have something for you too!

Before our first cruise, I put in probably 200 hours of research (remember, it was going to be a one time thing and I didn’t want to miss out on anything! I even knew things our group leader, a long time cruise veteran, didn’t know!)

For me, researching is half the fun! I love searching out little know tidbits, tips and tricks.

Over time I realized I should be sharing what I have learned. And Cruise Crazy Blog was born.

By nature, I love educating and helping people – and truth be told, it can be a little overwhelming and intimidating when you start to cruise. Enter Cruise Crazy Travel. Whether you are going on your first cruise or you are a veteran looking for something different, we can help you find and plan the perfect trip. (We book land travel too!)

Along with the travel agency, we also started a TV channel on Roku, also called Cruise Crazy Travel. So often you will hear about an excursion or a port of call but have a hard time knowing what to expect because you can’t see it. Our aim with our TV station is to help fill in some of those gaps as well as provide more general information that will be helpful to cruisers. If you have some good video footage of an excursion you have been on and would like to be considered for inclusion on the channel, please contact us! You can email karen@cruisecrazytravel.com.

Finally, we realized so many love to share their cruising addiction in their day to day lives. But it can be hard to find cruise themed products. You will find a variety of originally designed shirts, shoes, leggings and more (even car seat covers!) when you visit Cruise Crazy Store.

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