(or Thank Goodness the Cruise is Next Year, there’s a lot to Learn… and Do!)

A few weeks ago Ken and Mary went on their first cruise, to Alaska. Ken will be sharing his thoughts and writing about his experiences in upcoming weeks. You can also follow Ken and Mary’s adventures when you subscribe to Cruise Crazy Travel on Roku.

I’m traveling back in time to the summer of 2018. My girlfriend and I have just booked passage on our first cruise — destination: Alaska; departure: June 2019. If we were setting sail next week, the excitement would be uncontainable, but being so distant, makes it seem almost dreamlike. As it turns out, those twelve months helped us newbies prepare for an amazing adventure and afterward hungering for our next cruise.

I truly was a novice. Without a resourceful partner plus lots of suggestions from experienced cruisers, I would’ve been unaware of so much and missed many opportunities. So, my first bit of advice is to become acquainted with your ship and the places she’s taking you. I was absolutely astonished by our vessel’s size and the range of activities available on her various decks. My first instinct was to experience as many of these onboard offerings as possible, but fortunately realized as alluring as they all sounded, the most memorable moments happen during the excursions at the ports of call (more about these in future posts).

Today let’s begin taking a look at the decisions we made regarding activities while onboard. I divided them into two main categories: Dining 🍽 and the “Three S’s” (Shows/entertainment 🎶, Services 💇 , and Shopping 🛍, usually while at sea). This time let’s focus on the former, especially since we discovered a meal/beverage plan needed to be selected.

We found that our ship had plenty of dining choices to offer, both at mealtimes and in between. Mary and I anticipated eating mostly at the included restaurants, and we did not select an enhanced beverage plan. To celebrate Mary’s birthday, we made reservations at a specialty•themed restaurant. You’ll need to carefully research your ship’s particular eating options in order to decide what meets your expectations and budget considerations.

I hope you will continue to join Mary and me on our first cruise adventure. I’m looking forward to sharing how our anticipated experience actually transpired. Based on our initial voyage, we were thrilled we went and plan to cruise again!

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Ken Koehler
Ken Koehler

A retired middle school science teacher with a passion for adventure, Ken is a Chicago native who spends his time between Chicago and Nashville these days. When not cycling, this former tri-athelete, Ken enjoys travel and officially became 'cruise crazy' during his first cruise, which was to Alaska in June, 2019.

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