Cruises are all about relaxing and fun, right? But sometimes, a cruise-zilla sneaks on board the ship.

Here’s a short list to help you figure out if you, or anyone you might know is a cruise-zilla.

You might be a Cruise-zilla if….

1. You make constant demands of room stewards and other crew members. Requesting things you need is fine, keeping the crew constantly running to please you is not.

2. You spend half your cruise in the guest services line complaining. Although you are on vacation, occasionally things do go wrong and you need to notify guest services. But if you are at guest services demanding a partial refund or on board credit because the captain deemed it unsafe to dock at a particular port, or are unhappy because a crew member didn’t say hello to you, you are entering the Cruise-zilla zone.

3. You remove gratuities and don’t leave cash tips either and see nothing wrong with that. Really? The crew works hard. Leave the gratuities please.

4. You are more concerned about what fellow guests are wearing than the food on your plate in the MDR. The MDR can be a great place to practice the golden rule and remember while it’s your cruise, it’s also every other passenger’s cruise too.

5. You take advantage of the generous food policies by ordering everything on the menu and then wasting half of it.

6. You are a chair hog. Don’t put a towel on a chair and leave for 2 hours. Just don’t.

Like everything in life, cruising is what you make it. Don’t be a cruise-zilla. Those you are cruising with will thank you for it!

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Karen Gibson
Karen Gibson

Although she did not go on her first cruise until later in life, Karen became immediately addicted. If she's not planning a cruise, she is dreaming of her next one. She loves cruising so much that along with her son they opened Cruise Crazy Store which is filled with cruise themed items perfect for cruise-aholics and in 2018 started Cruise Crazy Travel, a travel agency that specializes in setting up cruises.

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